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Multi Output Units PNP FS MC8P
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Jual Multi Output Units PNP FS MC8P

Spesifikasi Multi Output Units PNP FS MC8P

Power Amplifier Circuit

Jual Multi Output Units PNP FS MC8P 





Number of inputs and outputs

Separate control outputs: 8, common output: 1, common input: 1

Response time

Depends on the response time settings of the connected expansion units

Unit expansion

Up to 8 expansion units can be connected. (However, each dual output type will be treated as 2 expansion units.) Allowable passing current: 1200 mA or less


STATUS indicator (green and red two-color display) MEMORY indicator (orange) LOCK indicator (orange)

Separate control output,
common output

PNP open-collector, 30 V or less, 20 mA or less per output, residual voltage: 1.6 V or less

External input time

Input time of the connected expansion units +11 ms

Protection circuit

Protection against reverse power connection, reverse output connection, output overcurrent, and output surge

Power supply

Power voltage

10 to 30 VDC (including 10 % ripple (P-P) or less) , class 2 or LPS*1

Power consumption

690 mW or less (when used as a solitary unit) (26 mA or less at 24 V/38 mA or less at 12 V [excluding the load current] )*2

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature for usage

-20 °C -4 °F to +55 °C +131 °F (no freezing)

Vibration resistance

10 to 55 Hz; double amplitude 1.5 mm 0.06"; 2 hours each for X, Y, and Z axes

Shock resistance

500 m/s2; 3 times each for X, Y, and Z axes

Case material

Main unit and cover: polycarbonate


Approx. 110 g

*1 Match the rated power supply voltage of the expansion units to be connected to the system.
*2 The power consumption including the load when the maximum number of units are connected is 38 W max.

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