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Turbo Mister LINE

Combined High Performance Spray Unit.
Engine option:
- Kama Engine 13hp, gasoline, water-cooled, electric start, or

Automatic protection for the engine: it will stop automatically when critica
l temperature or lack of oil. And when the related spray tank is empty.
Cannon volute: totally adjustable L / R, over 200 ° or more.
Wide angle Spray mouth: Vertical / Horizontal twist facility.
Spray pump: rotational. Resistant to any chemical.
Spray Mixture tanks: Polyethylene HD, resistant to any chemical.
Two separate tanks:
- ULV Spray mixture tank: 44 liters (11.6 US Gals)
- Thermal fog mixture tank: 44 liters (11.6 US Gals)
Frame and metal parts: Hot dip galvanized.


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